Pure Southern

Refreshing all natural cocktails inspired by unique locales, deep in the heart of the South.

No need for mixing. Just pour over ice and enjoy.


Carolina Spiked Tea

Sweet tea and lemonade are beloved drinks in the South especially on a hot summer day. Our recipe combines these two Southern staples with vodka to make a delectable drink that can be enjoyed anytime. 

Georgia Peach Margarita

This recipe puts a Southern spin on the classic Margarita combining peach and lime juice with triple sec and tequila to create a fresh cocktail that can be enjoyed down South or South of the Border.

Alabama Dixie Melon

Named in honor of my grandparent’s home state where melons are picked fresh from the garden.  Watermelon & lime juice, vodka and a hint of mint create a light refreshing cocktail that can be enjoyed across all seasons.

Tennessee Cucumber Cooler

Named after our home state. This drink is a fresh twist on the classic Mint Julep. Cucumber and lime juice, vodka and a hint of mint are combined together to create the perfect cocktail to start the party.